Can I visit your kennel before buying a puppy?
Absolutely! We love visitors! It's beneficial to you if you live within driving distance to come and see our facility and meet all the dogs to better ascertain whether you have confidence in our facility, and to meet the dogs you are considering getting a puppy out of so you may choose the physical and personality characteristics you hope to have in your own puppy.

How much do your puppies cost?
The price is dependent upon the characteristics of each litter. Prices range from $300-$450

What payment methods do you accept?
You may make a deposit by paypal to or you may deposit by money order - money orders may be mailed to: Lynn Hill 450 CR 364 Palestine Tx 75803

What is included in this price?
You will receive with your puppy the UKC registration papers and a puppy welcome kit containing food sample, sanitizer, health records, and toys. Each puppy will be microchipped and have a detailed individual health exam by our vet before sale or shipping, including a fecal exam and exam of the eyes, ears, teeth, throat, heart, lungs, and skin. Each puppy will have a detailed exam record filled out and signed by our vet.

What are the shipping charges?
We have several overland hound hauling companies that will deliver your puppy right to your door in good condition at a cost of around $275. If you are in an area not serviced by an overland hauler, we may be able to fly with American Airlines, temperature and flight schedules allowing.

How do I book a puppy?
Once we have determined which litter is appropriate for you, we will take a $100 deposit and place you on the waiting list.

Is the deposit refundable?
Only if we are unable to provide a puppy for you from you from the litter you booked. If we are unable to provide a puppy from your first choice litter we will offer the choice of a refund or transferring the deposit to another litter. Once you agree to have your deposit transferred to another litter, the deposit is once again non-refundable unless we are unable to provide a puppy from that litter. If after making your deposit circumstances arise in which you cannot get your puppy, you will not receive a refund of the deposit but we will 're-instate' your deposit on a later litter if you find you are able to get a puppy at a later time.

Will I get to pick the puppy I want? you may or may not get to 'choose' your puppy. In order to ensure successful placements, I rank and evaluate the puppies for specific homes depending on whether they are going to be hunting dogs, show dogs, search and rescue, therapy, or companion dogs, and if a companion home then will they live in an apartment (yes they do live successfully in apartments!), a farm, a residential neighborhood, with an older retired couple, a bachelor who likes to camp and hike, or someone with children, so I may have chosen a very specific puppy for you, or i may offer you several to choose from that I feel fit your needs and have the best chance of fitting into your home successfully. I also take into consideration any special requests such color, ear length, specific personality, etc. Otherwise it is typically first-come first serve as to pickups, the first person arriving to pick up has first choice of puppies unless I have reserved some puppies because I feel they perfectly fit the needs of another buyer. We also of course choose for ourselves first, and we give picking priority to people who plan to compete with their dogs.

What if I don't like any of the puppies I have to choose from?
We want our puppies to be treasured and the buyers to feel like they got the perfect puppy that their heart longed for. Therefore we do not 'make' anyone buy a puppy that does not satisfy them. If after booking none of the puppies in a litter (or what you are allowed to choose from) satisfy you, you may receive a refund of your deposit, or wait for another litter, your choice.

When can I get my puppy?
Puppies may be picked up or shipped NO EARLIER than 8 weeks of age - this is the law in Texas so there are no exceptions to this rule!

Is there a health guarantee?
Under our health agreement, which is provided in writing to you at pickup or shipping, you have 3 days to take your puppy to your vet for an examination. If based on the results of that examination you decide you do not want the puppy, you may return the puppy for a refund of purchase price. Under no circumstances will we refund vet bills. If a puppy should die from genetic or infectious disease within 5 days of purchase, we will replace the puppy or refund purchase price with veterinary certification of cause of death.

Do you screen for hip dysplasia?
Not at this time, although we may in the future. We have confidence in our breeding stock and the fact that they are active working dogs and would be unable to withstand the rigorous hunting if they had any orthopedic problems. We also keep close tabs on most of our grandpups to ensure they are not having problems. What health care will my puppy receive?
Our puppies receive two three-day courses of Safeguard, at 3 and 5 weeks, and a dose of Strongid at 4 and six weeks. They also receive a 5-way shot (parvo, distemper, corona, adenovirus, parainfluenza) at 6 weeks and again at 9 weeks. We also administer a 10 day course of sulfa drugs prior to pickup or shipment as preventative measure against coccidia.

What paperwork will I receive with my puppy?
You will receive a health record showing what health care your puppy has received, and our written health guarantee. You will also receive UKC and AKC papers if they have been received by us. Otherwise we will mail them as soon as they are received. What can I expect when my puppy is shipped?
We use overland hound hauling services that deliver your puppy right to your door along with their welcome kit, health papers, and registration papers. PLEASE call us when your puppy arrives, and update us after your puppy has their first vet visit.