The following are comments people have made about their experience with us, or emails we have gotten telling us about how they are enjoying their puppies. We'd love to add yours! Email us with comments!
I have bought 2 dogs from Lynn, and they are wonderful. These dogs are the most affectionate and loving dogs I have ever seen. The 2 that I got from Lynn I hunt with, however they spend alot of time out of their kennel playing in the yard with my wife, nieces, nephews and I. From my experience they are great with kids. My nieces and nephews recently put Easter Bunny ears on the red bones, and they ran around with them on for about 10 minutes. It took only a very short time to train my red bones the common commands (sit, stay, leave it, down, to come back when I call them), and to leash break them. I plan on getting another dog or two from Lynn in the future. Here in California, people can hardly wait until I breed. I am sure that If I showed they dogs I would have them titled in no time. You will be greatly please with a Rocking W coonhound. I know I am. Once you have a redbone..a coondog for that matter you will never own another breed, you will be hooked. Take it from me.. I have 6.

Shane New
Modesto, California

________________________ From the very beginning of my dealings with Lynn I was extremely pleased. She kept in contact with me regularly to keep my up with the litter, health and temperament of my pup. He came to us in excellent health. He is very smart, he was housebroken in only four days of arrival. Most importantly, we have an eight month old child and he instinctively has been overly cautious of her. While he is not hunting yet, he does make for an extraordinary house pet. Lynn did a wonderful job of placing the perfect pup to meet our needs. I would definitely recommend Rocking W Coonhound Crew to any interested buyers...they are very professional and have exceeded my expectations.

Sonya Holman

We purchased a coonhound from Rocking W in Nov 2004. My Co-worker also purchased a pup about a month later. At this point I can only tell you about 6 month old coonhound puppies since both pups are about the same age. Our pup (female) is a total sweetheart, very loving and wants to be a lapdog the entire time, she is not aggressive, quite the the contrary and barks about the same as our other pets in the past. She is moving into the puppy chewing stage and needs lots of toys to chew on so that she does not chew on inappropriate items. All in all she is very similar to all puppies at her stage. However, much better than an Labrador in the destructive category. My co-worker and I have shared very similar story's about the Hound dog being very dramatic. Lots of yelping when held down for grooming ext. My pup Jessie bellows MURDER when I try to hold her down for a collar check (mostly if she want to get to the kids and play). Our dog is 90% outdoors, we have a large yard that was already prepared for pets before Jessie came to us. Both pups are easily trained and eager to please, not hard headed or rebellious. Patience is the best rule for the training lessons. Over all we have been very happy with our pup in health, conformation, breeding and temperament. Our initial research lead us to the coonhound due to its low indoor energy, playfulness and low grooming requirements. The draw backs are: Puppy hood (all dogs), Voice - Very loud voice, but can be trained for appropriate use. Timid if you are looking for more of an aggressive dog. Our pup was from Buddy and Priss and Lynn was very accurate about the temperament of the pup. Also I was a bit apprehensive about sending the money without knowing about the kennel, but Lynn was awesome. Both puppies she sent to San Diego were healthy and arrived on time. She really spends a great deal of time getting the transportation right.
Robert Snow California


Dear Lynn:
Roxxy is doing great. Shes growing very fast and she is a hand full. we've almost got her house trained already. shes goes to the door and sits when she needs to go out. She is a very smart dog and doesn't have any fears. I've actually started training her with some coon scent and she is doing well with it. seems to love the scent. Thank you so much again and again.
corey robinson

Thank you very much for your help. Cooper is doing great, he's very healthy, and he has been a great addition to my life.
Thanks again,
Brad Gilliam
Thought you might like a brief update and recent picture of Miss Daisy. She's a little over a year old now. She's finished basic obedience and is working on her Good Canine Citizenship certificate. I hope she passes the test - she still likes to jump when she's excited. The instructor (who raises and trains Dobermans) loves her personality.
LaFlamme Family

I was going to send you some pics of the dogs first time going coonhunting. they are doing real good. We took them with some friends and they said for the first time in the woods they did real good. We got some guys down here interested in buying some from you. Everyone loves them. They said we should show Duke now, because he is so pretty.

Steven and Daphnie Hearn ______________
I just wanted to let you know the Pup is home safe and sound. I had a bit of a hassle when I went to pick him up, I was all over the place, but I got him. His name is Joboo, and he has had allot of excitement. He got to travel 8 hours from a big city to a smaller city. He got to meet his Granny (my mom) and his new Mom (Nicole) and many Uncles and Aunties. He seems to be getting along just fine. I will keep you posted on his growth and training. I have already started his basic Obedience training. I plan to start his Hunting/Gun Training around 15 weeks old. I have set aside 1 hour a day for his training. I would like to thank you for everything that you, your family and James have done for us. Please pass along my personal satisfaction to James and his dogs. I am very pleased with the service and kindness you have showed us during this whole process. We love Joboo very much, and look forward to many years with him. If you and your family would like to see and hunt Canada, you are more than welcome to come up here. I will gladly show you around, and take you to the bush for some great Canadian Hunting and Fishing.
Rob, Nicole and Joboo

Gus arrived safely and on time. The airlines very sweetly brought him right down to baggage claim. My friend, Peggy, signed for him because I was too caught up in the moment. The first night he was awful, of course, since he had been sleeping all day and missed his family. I finally put him in his cage and put him with the cat in her heated house. He is like a different puppy now. Last night he did great. His domain is the laundry room at night. Our weather is a little chilly for him, but he is adapting very well and played outside most of the day yesterday. This afternoon while he was napping in the laundry room I went out and bought him his own fuzzy squeeky toy. He loves it and cuddles up with it to take his naps. We are thrilled with this puppy. Thank you very much.
-Cora Mitchell

just a short note, to let you know Annie is doing great. Started a new season. Ty took her and Ranger out. Was gone a couple of hours, and they treed one, and he brought it home. Keep us posted on the others from her littermates. Catch you all later. She's (Annie) sure a good looking dog. Thanks again for her.
Ynema and Ty Rutherford

We love our Redbone, whose short name is Dante. Were not hunters and we dont show him. He is just part of our family, and a lot of fun. -Denny Boyles, Clovis, CA
Lynn has been exceptional! She has picked the perfect pup per my requests and delivered on time, healthy, beautiful pups every time! - Gary Hill, San Diego CA
Sissy has become a wonderful part of our family. She has an incredible personality and really gets along well with our male LUCE. She really runs the house! It's hard to believe she is almost one year old! We were wondering what ever became of Cool Hand Luke? We had the pleasure of meeting him during our pickup of Sissy, and he really won our hearts with that incredible voice and "cool" demeanor. Is he still with y'all? soon, we are moving to a larger ranch out here in Austin and are looking for another male to complete our pack of redbones. thanks for your time. - Daniel and Laura Del Frio