Frequently asked questions about our kennel:

How long have you been raising redbone coonhounds?
I grew up with coonhounds raised by my beloved late grandfather. I purchased my first redbone in 1996 and raised raised my first litter in 2000.

How many dogs do you have?
We currently have 9 redbones - 3 males and 6 females.

Where are you located?
We live just north of the city limits of Palestine, Texas. We are about halfway between Dallas and Houston. The zip code is 75803. Using the zip code is important when ascertaining the distance from you to our kennel, as there ARE two towns named Palestine in Texas. Contact us for exact mailing and physical address.

How do I contact you?
We are a very active family between caring for our and working with our dogs and bowling teams, and I work rotating shifts, so I'm often asleep during the day and working at night. Although Stefan is retired and handles much of the day to day care of the dogs, sales calls are my responsibility. Therefore it's best to take a 'shotgun' approach by sending an email AND leaving a message on my cell phone. I can then try to call you back on my day off or before or after work, or I can answer your email late at night without fear of disturbing your sleep or dinner. Phone is (903) 480-6281 and email is howlinghills@live.com. You are more likely to get a quicker response with an email, as I'm able to return those late at night when a phone call would not be feasible.

What registries are your dogs registered with?
The dogs are all registered with UKC (that's United Kennel Club), which we feel is THE coonhound registry. They have a great coonhound program and no other registry promotes the coonhound breed as a working dog like UKC. AKC is currently accepting redbone coonhounds in their foundation stock program so our litters are all AKC eligible. Rumor has it that Redbones will be a fully recognized breed soon. We are now registering all eligible litters with AKC and UKC. A litter that has two AKC registered parents will be registered with AKC by us, otherwise we will advise to go through the AKC foundation stock registration process by printing an application at akc.org.

How are your dogs housed?
We live in a residential neighborhood on a half acre lot shaded by large oak trees. The dogs are in 10 x 10 chain line kennels on concrete with plastic doghouses. In the winter they have hay bedding in their houses. We also have three whelping areas, the 'puppy palace' is a 6x6 foot building (formerly a child's playhouse) with a 6 x 10 attached pen. The whelping barn is an 8x8 building divided in half inside with a 3/4 wall, with a pen coming off each side, so that each dog has a small pen and a 4x8 indoor space. During weather extremes these buildings are heated or cooled as deemed necessary. In some cases I may even keep whelping females in the house in my kennel office for the birth and subsequent 48-72 hours. The concrete pads are spray washed daily, and powerwashed with bleach weekly.

What do you feed your dogs?
We feed and recommend Purina foods. Our dogs eat a variety of Purina formulas based on their individual needs and the puppies and pregnant and nursing mothers eat Puppy Chow. Do you raise any other breeds?
No we are strictly a redbone kennel, having dedicated the last 15 years to learning all about this particular breed and how best to raise them and educate others about them. We do at this time own a Jack Russell Terrier and a chihuahua but they are strictly pets and are not bred.

How many litters do you produce per year?
About 3-5 litters a year.