Frequently asked questions about our kennel:

Do Redbone coonhounds make good pets?

They CAN - if the owners do their research and are prepared to compensate for the special needs of the breed. They MUST have a fenced in yard to confine them outside. They can also make good indoor/outdoor pets. They are a very intelligent, active breed that must have an outlet for their energy or they may become destructive in frustration. We highly recommend obedience training for family pets. Also, although every dog is an individual we are dedicated to matching the right puppy with the right family, and we will recommend specific litters that are more suitable for pets, based on the parents' temperments.

Where can I find out more about Redbones? Fancy Publications (the publishers of Dog Fancy magazine) put out an excellent informative publication that can be purchased at most pet stores such as Petco or Petsmart - ask for the Coonhound edition of the 'popular dogs' series by Fancy Publications. This contains much valuable information about coonhounds in general and raising a coonhound as a pet and we were honored to have been allowed to contribute to this publication. If you are considering a coonhound as a pet we highly recommend purchasing and reading this publication during your decision making process. At your request we can also put you in contact with other buyers who have purchased puppies from us and are raising them as pets so that they may give you more specific information and advice about their own experiences of raising a redbone coonhound as a pet.

Our dog will just be a pet - should we have him/her spayed or neutered?
We highly encourage pet buyers to spay/neuter their pet at their vet's earliest recommended age. This makes them a much better family member and eliminates the possibility of unwanted puppies.

Do Redbones roam?
YES! The hunting instinct is there, so they are very likely to strike a scent and take off for parts unknown, perhaps for days, so it is essential they be on leash or in a securely fenced area at all times.

Will my Redbone hurt my cat or other small animal?
We've had good results with puppies raised with cats, and our dogs seem to have a good feel for what are 'our' cats and won't harm them maliciously (although they do play with them), but they seem to want to chase 'strange' cats and see them as prey. As far as other small animals such as ferrets, rabbits, etc., I wouldn't recommend leaving them unsupervised with Redbones.

Do redbones drool?
You may have seen some of our dogs 'slobbering' in tree pictures, but they do not drool in regular day to day functions, and not in the way you may have seen dogs like St. Bernards or Bloodhounds drool. They may drool a little if extremely excited (as seen in some of our hunting pictures) or if they are nervous or ill (nausea can cause drooling), but they do not simply drool when not excited or ill.

Do they shed?
Very little. Their haircoats are short and neat and do not shed excessively. We have two adults that live in the house and i'd be hard pressed to find any dog hair in the house -- even in the dogs own beds there is not any hair buildup.